Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Calm Technique

Eisha Sarkar
Posted on Hello Wellness on Jan 6 2011 10:34AM

Bad news, bad bosses and bad days! It's difficult to keep those nerves in control when you're feeling low. Meditation teacher and author of The Calm Technique, Paul Wilson once said, "The most important skill in staying calm is not to lose sleep over small issues. The second most important skill is to be able to view all issues as small issues.” Easier said than done, you think. Not really!

According to Wilson, to find real peace and contentment, you should:
  • Commit yourself to finding a calm solution to life
  • Meditate to get relief from tension, anxiety and fatigue. It will also help you cope better, improve your concentration and tolerance and make you healthy and happy
  • Maintain an 80:20 balance between the acid-forming foods (wholegrain flour and cereals, fruits, vegetables, etc), and alkaline-forming foods (coffee, meat, sugar, processed foods, etc) in your diet
  • Regularly exercise because it's very relaxing
  • Selflessly help others
  • Be optimistic  

His suggestions for instant calm are:
  • Breathe deeply: As you breathe in, sense your lower abdomen rising. Slow your breathing until the breaths come 8 - 10 times a minute. Listen as each breath goes in and comes out.
  • Move slowly: Move, speak and breathe at a relaxed pace
  • Relax your face: Raise your eyebrows to relax the brow muscles, place your tongue against the roof of your mouth to relax the jaw muscles and then smile to relax the cheek muscles. It takes fewer muscles to smile than frown!
  • Massage your feet: Find the reflexology points that help to relax by pressing your fist in the hollow of your foot. Slowly press as you breathe out.
  • Have a lavender bath: Add 5 drops of lavender oil to a warm bath, turn off the lights and soak in
  • Write: Get the worries out on paper. Your anxieties will vanish and you will be able to see the problems in their true perspective
  • Quiet your mind: Concentrate on your breathing. You may want to add a word "Peace," "Calm," "Serenity," "Center" as you breathe out or choose soothing music you can get lost in
  • Press on your wrist: Apply a downward pressure to the acupressure point inside of your wrist - in line with your middle finger, two thumb widths from your palm - as you breathe out.
  • Take a walk: Walking is the most relaxing exercise of all. Do it whenever you feel tense
  • Concentrate: On the task at hand to forget your stresses and anxieties  

Calmness is the cradle of power. It has the strength to soothe and heal. Be positive and stay calm and you'll be able to tide over all of life's problems.

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