Sunday, March 27, 2011


The CII's Human Resources (HR) Convention at Vadodara would have turned into a long day of seminars, workshops and events, had it not been for these interesting quotes:

"Organisations are pyramids of chimpanzees. Those at the top, look down and see smiling faces. Those at the bottom look up and guess what they see?"
- Naveen Unni, Associate Principal, McKinsey & Co

"HR department is usually seen as a cloak-and-dagger secret service agent or a health-and-happiness side-show."
- Dr R L Bhatia, Chief Executive Officer, Fun and Joy at Work

"HR in an organisation is like Krishna in Mahabharata."
- Aparna Sharma, Director (HR), Deutsche Bank Global Services

"L&T is like an elephant. It is huge. But can we make that elephant dance?"
- Neville Lobo, Vice President - Corp HR & Personnel, Larsen & Toubro Ltd

"It is no more an era of voluntary retirement schemes, it's about job fairs today."
- Sharad Gangal, Executive Vice President - HR, IR & Admn Thermax Group

"Business is a rubber ball. If it falls, it bounces back. People are like glass balls. When they fall, they get shattered."
- Randhir Chauhan, Managing Director, Netafim Irrigation India Pvt Ltd

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