Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kandisa by Indian Ocean

Kandisa is an ancient prayer in Aramaic (from Aram, the region in what was ancient central Syria), the language that comes close to what was probably spoken by Jesus. The literal translation of this word may be Holy/ Holy Praise / Divine Praise. This prayer is chanted even to this day in the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church and the Syriac Orthodox Church of the Syrian Malabar Nasrani people from Kerala. The Kerala Syrian Malabar Nasrani people also called as Nasrani Syrian Christians are the descendants of the Jewish diaspora in Kerala who became Christians in the earliest days of Christianity in the Malabar Coast. They have preserved some of the traditions of the early Jewish Christians. The prayer goes like:

Kandisa Alahaye, Kandisa Esana,
Kandisa Alahaye, Kandisa Esana.
aalam aalam Aalam, Aamenu Aamen.
sliha Mar Yose, Almaduba-ha Kudisa-ha,
angene Dhanusa, Nyahveh Dukharana.

aalam aalam Aalam, Aamenu Aamen,
sliha Mar Yose, Almaduba-ha Kudisa-ha.
angene Dhanusa, Nyahveh Dukharana.
kandisa Alaha, Kandisa Esana, Kandisa La Ma Yosa Isaraha Malem.  


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