Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Cloudburst! I  got a lift from a stranger, a septuagenarian. Her driver did not know where the switch for the headlights was. I found it, finally. We were stuck in a traffic jam for over two hours at the foot of the Surya Palace flyover. I watched four Chinese guys in the Xylo next to us puff through three packs of cigarettes. We decided to turn into another road but were mobbed in turn. The hyperventilating old lady wondered why people were in a hurry as we tried to figure which bridge to go to to cross over to the other side of the railway station and the Vishwamitri River. I finally got back home. But there was power supply in only a few of the rooms and mosquitoes in all of them. We made some calls to the Gujarat Electricity Board who arrived at 2.30 am (only possible in Baroda) and got the three-phase working. Then finally, I got some sleep in air-conditioned bliss. It was some night, last night!

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