Friday, October 31, 2014

Sunsets and sunrises around Brisbane

Sunset at Redcliffe

Sunset at Redcliffe

Sunset at South Bank on 26 September 2014

Sunset at Sunshine Beach

Dawn, from my balcony

Dawn from my balcony

Sunrise from my balcony

Sunset at Redcliffe

Secret Garden

Sunday, October 19, 2014

How I wish to disappear

How I wish I could disappear,
Like the sun into an army of marching grey clouds,
Like a river into the sea,
Like pleasure in a whirlpool of sorrow.

How I wish I could disappear,
Forgiven and forgotten,
Unheard, unwanted,
Unchained, unleashed.

On Cancer

I was chatting with a friend, a cancer researcher, when these words popped into my head:

And so the tumour tells me,
"Dude, it's not what you see,
You'll slash, burn or poison me,
But I shall be back and claim thee."

Friday, October 17, 2014

Spring colours in Brisbane

At the Brisbane Botanical Gardens, Mount Coot-tha

This reminded me of Jack and the Beanstalk. Fee Fi Fo Fum...

A spider suspended from its web

Not all leaves droop to die

A riot of colour

Holy fig!

How many figs can you count?

Yellow bloom in the sky

Three hues of purple flowers on the same plant and it's called Yesterday Today Tomorrow. I started singing The Beatles'  Yesterday, when I saw this one.

Huge flowers

Jacaranda blooms 

Standing tall

A shy spectator

The Lizard of Oz

No blinking liz, this one

Monday, October 13, 2014

Australiana #18: Reflection

Pic by Eisha Sarkar at Gan Gan Lookout, New South Wales


In the midst of a forest I stand,
Listening to the bards of the land,
The songbirds, the parrots, the babblers stir,
The wind in my hair, my sorrows disappear.

I came to this land a few months ago,
Leaving one I didn't want to let go,
This place gives me warmth and glow,
Reminds me of the one I've always known.

Joy and happiness it shall bring to me,
For settling here has been 'nice and easy',
The words people speak are sing-a-song
This is a place where I belong.

In the distance I spot the sand,
The beach, the bar, the curve of the land,
I fill myself with salted breath,
And off I go, with nothing to dread.

The tide surges along the shore,
I stop to watch the rowers row,
Their sound is music to my ears,
It touches my soul, moves me to tears.

A drop of rain rests on my brow,
The rowers head home, their boats in tow,
Grey clouds loom above this beautiful land,
Motionless, I stare at the patterns in the sand.

Patterns made of hands and feet,
Of life, love, victory and defeat,
Soon the rain will wash them away,
And there shall be more another day.

- Eisha

Pic by Rachit Mankad at Sunshine Beach, Noosa, Queensland

Thursday, October 9, 2014

How do you make a wild kangaroo curious?

You kneel down to match the roo's height and stretch your empty palm

Pluck a blade of grass and place it flat in the middle of your palm, while the kangaroo's watching

Keep still while the roo sniffs and moves towards you

Hold your breath as the roo gets close. Watch out for those front paws. They're small but those claws can rip all the veins and nerves in your wrist.

And finally, when the kangaroo figures it's a hoax, leave him/her alone.