Monday, May 16, 2016

The Cornucopia of Broken Dreams

Probably the most difficult ‪#‎ThrowMeAWorld‬ challenge I have had. People suggested words such as cornucopia, perspicuous, bazinga, mitigate and broken. Here is the poem I made out of them:

The cornucopia of broken dreams
A weathered land, dried-up streams
Not a seed that grows, a farmer fields
The tears keep flowing with memories.

Another year of the 'hottest summer'
Another year of 'bad monsoon'
Another year of the 'biggest drought'
Hope this year will pass soon.

All this talk of irrigation
Connecting the rivers
Building a nation
Oh what shall it mitigate,
Who is to investigate?

In the narrow village street
A little boy with bare feet
Matted dark hair on his head
Like bazinga's tentacles spread.

His cracked lips bake in the heat
A throat so dry, he cannot sleep
A crowd of men gather and shout,
“This boy is the face of the drought.”

The experts' panel on television
Their perspicuous explanations
The banality of the discussion
Heads shake in disbelief
As the anchor shouts and screams.

The little boy's name is called out
He stares vacantly at the audience
He watches their bottles of water,
The frivolous incandescence.

The anchor talks of violence
That killed the little boy's father
For just a bottle of water,
A farmer became a robber.

- Eisha

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