Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Walk Alone

In the dead of the night
A woman on the road:
She walks briskly,
All alone
Men in white
Watch her go.

Under a bridge
She spots some lads
Smoking and sniffing
They look at her
She's all alone
Wishes they won't follow.

The sounds of horns
The headlights of cars
Those mean machines
She dodges carefully
The men watch her
She's all alone.

A wrong turn
A dark street
Not a person she can see
On a broken board
She spots an address
As notorious as it can be.

Dread rises in her heart
She coaxes her feet
To take a turn:
"Head to the lights
Before the men of the mafia
Catch up with thee."

Run she cannot
For wants she no attention
Will her tired legs
Take her to the station?
She walks and walks
Past cabs that won't go
She treads, all alone.

Finally she spots
The gargoyles and the lights
The majestic train station
Is in her sight
Her pace quickens
Her heart's relieved
No longer is she, all alone.

- Eisha

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