Friday, August 19, 2016

A note to my beloved grandmother

Ba, you were the strongest person I had ever met and you've made me the strongest I have ever been. I did not let you cry when I left for Australia and today, I did not cry, when you left us forever. Few will fathom the depth of my loss, for these past eight years that I have known you, you have been my grandmother-in-law, mentor, teacher, companion and best friend. We did not have anything in common: language, education, ethnicity, age, culture, caste, religious beliefs, food habits...nothing, but we developed a relationship that grew from immense love and respect for each other. I have learned many things from you but I am listing the five most important:

1. Empathy towards every living being
2. That even within your limited means, you can always give something to someone or help someone in need. (You did not get a chance to study beyond fourth grade but you ensured that your maid's daughters would get into school and a chance at education)
3. That you can be very religious and unorthodox at the same time
4. That family is bigger, stronger and greater than wealth or fame
5. That you have to change with the times

I will always remember all you taught me without teaching me. You were the reason, I became the family's daughter and not daughter-in-law. I love you.

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