Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Teacher Tales

As a teacher/lecturer I have visited quite a few colleges/universities in India and abroad. I get a lot of suggestions, questions, comments and proposals from members of the staff and management. As much as I am flattered, some of them are downright funny. Sample these:
  1. Aap jo padhaye wohi syllabus (whatever you teach is the syllabus)
  2. Can we combine the BBA, BMM, BCA and BMS classes for your guest lecture? By the way, what exactly do you teach?
  3. Now that we have the students, we have to figure what we will teach them
  4. Do you think we need to get any kind of UGC/AICTE recognition?
  5. Many of our students are Indian but they don't look like you. You're not a student, are you?
  6. Students don't know anything. They really don't know ANYTHING! We have to teach them EVERYTHING.
  7. How do you speak such good English?
  8. We have the best journalism course in the country. (Me: Really?) One of the best, for sure. (Me: Ah, okay!)
  9. We ensure our students come from all parts of the world, but we prefer Europe.
  10. How do we keep our students busy?

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