Wednesday, December 21, 2016

All the things I hear about South Asian men!!!

My fellow writer and educator, Chintan Girish Modi, invited me for a #genderpeacechat he was moderating on Twitter. We started discussing male stereotypes and it led me to jog down memory lane to pull out interesting things I have heard through all these years about South Asian men:

  • Why do all Indian men wear moustaches?
  • Indian men are lecherous and rude
  • Pakistani men are tall and fair
  • If he's Afghan he must be good-looking
  • Gujarati men are pansy
  • Most Indian men are mamma's boys
  • Sri Lankan men have large eyes. Look at Muralitharan when he bowls
  • South Asian men are not athletic
  • Indian men have round bellies
  • What do you think of an Afghan man?
  • Is it safe to talk to Afghan men?
  • If he's Pakistani, he has to like cricket
  • Bengali men are lazy
  • Punjabi men are so loud
  • South Asian men can't hold their drink
  • If he's Muslim, he has to be very conservative
  • Indian men don't cook
  • In our college, there were males and non-males
  • IT guy will be boring
  • If he's good-looking, he must be gay
  • He's fashion-conscious, he must be gay
  • How does he manage to patao (loosely, attract) so many girls?
  • Pakistani men are hot
  • He's too fair. He hardly looks like a South Indian
  • These guys from the North East look very smart and dress better
  • White people have chest hair too but because it's blonde it doesn't show and they needn't wax. Indian men have dark chest hair. They need to wax.
  • Never trust a man without chest hair
  • He doesn't have chest hair, he's effeminate
  • Boys mature slowly so you need a man at least five years older than you to match your wavelength
  • Bengali men are so opinionated
  • Indian men have big egos
  • Bengali men don't dance
  • Bengali men know their music and books
  • Gujarati men don't join the army. It's not our tradition
  • If he's Sardar, he must drink a lot
  • Tamil boys are good at maths

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