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Friday, December 7, 2012

Yi's Anganwadi visit

CII's youth wing, Yi Vadodara organised a visit to the anganwadis at Akota and Tandalja to distribute bananas and juice tertapaks among the children. Akota's is the smallest anganwadi I've seen. 35 children were crammed into a single approx 9ft x 9ft room. The kids hardly had place to move their limbs, let alone play with toys. Tandalja's was a happier place, where the kids were busy colouring in UNICEF-sponsored books. The anganwadi walls are papered with posters, activity charts and pictures and decorations hang from the celing. I love what Tahiraben, the anganwadi worker (pink saree) has done to the place.

Kids crowd the doorway of the Akota anganwadi

A banana a day...

Yi members distributing tetrapaks of juice

Striking a pose!

The approach road to the Akota anganwadi

A little girl scowls at us at Tandalja anganwadi

Tahiraben, the anganwadi worker in the pink saree, helps the children  with their colouring activities

The walls have been papered with posters and decorations hang from the ceiling

A neighbour helps out with the children

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