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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A lip-smacking literary treat!

Book: Aftertaste
Author: Namita Devidayal
Publisher: Random House India
Pages: 310
Price: Rs 199

In her book, Aftertaste, Namita Devidayal serves up a delicious slice of the life of a Marwari family in the Bombay of 1984 (hence the use of Bombay instead of Mumbai). Holding the family together is Mummyji, the matriarch Bimla Kulbhushan Todarmal, who grew from a good housewife into the role of a shrewd businesswoman after she served her 'maddeningly delicious melt-in-your-mouth khoya barfi' to a bank manager from Lahore and saved her family from complete financial collapse. It paved the way for a sweetshop at Kalbadevi, aptly named Bimmo di Barfi, which gradually became a fine chain of confectioners called Bimz. As Mummyji's brand grows so does her hunger for money and control over all things, especially her four children. But when she lies comatose in a hospital, each one of them – the weak, ineffectual Rajan Papa, who desperately needs her cash, Sunny, the dynamic head of the business with an ugly marriage and a demanding mistress, Suman, the spoilt beauty who is determined to get hold of her best jewels and Saroj, the unlucky one who has lived in her shadow – wants her to die. A tale of business and politics, generation gaps and identity crises, love and loneliness, commitment and betrayal, Aftertaste, has everything to grab your attention. If you love Bollywood-style drama, say, "Haanji," to this one.  

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ashishwang said...

It's an art to say very little and yet, evoke intrigue. You do it very well Eisha! Proud of you!