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Friday, October 11, 2013

A 100-word story

I just got tempted to try this out, after I had a chat with my friend Shreyasi who loves 100-word stories. Telling anything in 100 words is difficult and so I took this up as a bit of a challenge. Do let me know what you think about it.


A hand went up. "Yes, Dost." He looked at me incredulously. Had I picked him wrong? Maybe he didn't want to answer. I squirmed. He stood up slowly. Heads swivelled.

He gauged his audience. I was getting impatient. Finally he spoke, "Ma'am… Ma'am, I think you've got it wrong."

I glared at him. "He never utters a word in class and now he tells me I have made a mistake," I thought. With a wave, I dismissed him. “Anyone else?” Nobody answered. Dost shrivelled back into his chair. 

Flicking my hair, I turned to the board. It read, "E=m2c."

This story was published on Kreat!ve Kahaani

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