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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Things you can do in Brisbane for free

1. Get a library membership - It's your gateway to all kinds of books, comics, dvds, newspapers and a chance to meet people. You can borrow the items from one library and return them in another when you're finished. Also, the wifi is free!

2. Attend Council events - The city council organises everything from talk shows to English language classes to gardening tips to ballroom dancing (for over 50s) to aboriginal dance and culture programmes to human chess games to cycling to short film screenings. Check out events and venues on 

3. Watch short animation films: If you're a film buff who likes different kinds of cinema, then head for the Queensland Library which screens short films on weekends and short animated films on weekdays

4. Catch a neighbourhood rugby match: You could watch cricket or soccer as well but there's nothing quite like rugby, with the players' Haka (war cries, originally of the Maori tribe of New Zealand) and their intensity 

5. Head for the beach: Well, the Gold Coast is there, but if you're tight on the budget, the South Bank should suffice. And it's right next to the Brisbane River!

6. Take a hike: A city with two pedestrian-and-cyclists-only bridges across the river is a walkers' paradise. The Kurilpa (the aboriginal name for South Brisbane translates into "a place for water rats") bridge was also judged the World Transport Building of the Year in 2011. Great design and great views!

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