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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Australiana #14: Hills Hoist

When I started looking for houses to rent in Australia, I was quite taken in by a fixture in some of the backyards – the Hills Hoist. Since 1945, Lance Hill in Adelaide, South Australia, has been manufacturing these height-adjustable, fixed rotary clothes lines.

The Hills Hoist in a suburban backyard in Brisbane

You hang your clothes to dry like you do on an ordinary line. The Hills Hoist allows you to dry several large pieces e.g. bedsheets, curtains, etc, at one time. When there is a wind, the Hoist starts rotating, allowing the clothes to dry quicker. 

Artists hang their work on a Hills Hoist in Unley, South Australia

The Hills Hoist is one of Australia's most recognisable icon and is listed as a national treasure by the National Library of Australia and has been used by artists to exhibit their works.  

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