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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Taught at university
Moved to a new country
Explored new places
Set up a new house
Set up a new business
Made some great friends
Rediscovered some old ones
Studied social media
Learned how to paint
Learned accounting
Wrote and shared poetry
Cooked food I love
Ate stuff people wouldn't
Started Skyping regularly
Met a cousin after 6 years
Listened to stories about courage
Read many many books
Started singing again
Started writing songs again
Took loads of selfies
Overcame tough challenges
Swam in the Pacific
Fed a kangaroo
Drank a lot of wine
Travelled like crazy
Fell in love, again.

It has been a year of learning, friendships, strengths, abysmal lows and great highs, exploration and rediscovery.

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