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Friday, May 1, 2015

Killing a dream

Bubbles of happiness
The comfort of solitude
The pleasures of the soul
The making of a dream.

The froth of waves
The sifting sand
A swimmer's gaze
The depths to fathom.

Plunges he right in,
Towards the coral floor
Oh those bright fishes
And spiny sea anemones!

The weeds, the grasses,
Like meadows in spring,
O what colour 
To the sea floor they bring!

Then comes a shadow
Large and mysterious
Casting its darkness
The fishes, disappearing.

The roar of thunder
A flash of lightning
A tall wave, crashing
A swimmer, struggling.

Determined the man,
Heads towards the shore,
As rain comes pouring
A swimmer, struggling.

Finally he finds,
Sand beneath his feet,
An unsteady gait,
A disappointing wait.

And wait he does
While noon turns to dusk
A spirit dampens
A dream implodes.

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