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Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Chefs' Special

My friend, Raj, suggested the word, gastronomy, and since it's hard to give Masterchef a skip if you are in Australia, here's my tribute to the show:
A cookery show
A kitchen of rules
A bench of judges
Anxious participants.
Timers, mixers
Presses, churners,
And melting butter!
Gastronomic surprises
Mind-boggling recipes
Herbs and spices
Thin lemon slices!
Bakes and cakes,
Roasts and toasts
Diverse cuisines
Pressure tests.
Plated creations
Soaring ambitions
Minds full of hope
An error, and you go!
The audience waits
It's food you can't taste
But return you must
For another culinary date!

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