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Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Royal Bengal Tigress

Those lovely amber eyes
They see, they survey
A land of marshes
A forest of mangroves
There's stillness in the air
Not a sound, not a sway
Just the water
Lapping the shore
She sticks her toes in
Then a pink tongue
The cool water
On those bristles
A thirst quenches
A moment passes
She looks at me 
Oh those amber eyes!
I watch mesmerized
My beating heart
Her flaring nostrils
I hold her gaze
Then she looks away
I watch her walk 
Slow and cautious
I stand there
Moved but still
And then she plunges
Into the darkness
Slowly, steadily
A forest comes to life
The monkeys squealing
The birds chirping
And somewhere beyond
Are the lovely amber eyes
Of a Royal Bengal tigress.

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