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Saturday, November 14, 2015


A bend in the road

The roar of an engine

A beam of light

A rider on a bike.

The harsh glow

How my eyes hurt!

The bearded silhouette

His helmetless head!

A hint of recognition

A niggling doubt

Friend or foe?

I'd rather not shout.

The rider comes near

Brushes my shoulder

Whispers in my ear

My name, I hear.

The voice of a friend

Through the darkness

A stream of thoughts:

Cornucopia of memories.

I want to chide him

For his silence,

his non-existence

For me, without him.

My painted mouth

Starts to utter

A few words

Of disapproval.

I hold his gaze

Fixed and warm

My lips slowly part,

Laughter breaks free.

He watches me

Curious, confused

His lips part too:

To say, "Goodbye!"

And so I stand

With mirth and grief

Watching a rider

Disappear into night.

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