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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Teacher Tales: The Students' Farewell

Attended a students' farewell event at the Faculty of Journalism and Communication at MSU. It's the first farewell event I have been invited to in these eight years of teaching there (I am a regular at fresher parties). I taught this batch in two short stints in their first and second years and so I haven't had a chance to have a one-on-one with each student. It's also the first batch, where I have had to guide students through their dissertations and so there have been some students whom I've met more often, who've visited my home a few times, shared my meals and travelled with me. There were students who didn't show up in my class but would ask me questions as soon as I stepped out. Some are exceptionally good storytellers and moved me through words and pictures (still and motion). Today, as I delivered a speech that ended with the classic, "You can inspire others only if you are inspired," I wondered how their paths will diverge: Some will earn a lot, others will be famous, some will be silent crusaders of change, others will be content in the stability of the ordinary, some will be visionaries, some may marry quickly, some may keep searching for the one true soulmate, some may travel and work abroad, others will stay in India... And  then I thought, "They'll all do well in their own way."

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