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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Comedy of Errors

The hospital staff comes rushing to my room.

Nurse: We were told you have a baby?
Me (tired AF): Yes
Nurse (puzzled): But today we found out it’s a boy
Me: Yes, baby boy.
Nurse (laughs): And we’d been thinking it’s a baby all of yesterday
Me (puzzled): Yes?
Nurse: Par aa baby nathi babo chhe (this is hard to translate from Gujarati). Tame loko baby baby kem kahochho?
Me (facepalm): Because baby is an English word. Isn’t it supposed to be chhokra/chhokri or dikra/dikri in Gujarati ?
Nurse: English ma toh baddha baby hoye par Gujarat ma baby girl hoye aur boy hoye to babo hoye.

Babo also happens to be the name of my neighbour’s adopted stray dog.


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