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Monday, March 19, 2018

New Mom Tales #7: Lexicon

So this gets interesting and confusing:

In Gujarat,

Babo is a male infant and Baby is a female infant (you can't have this any other way) but it's okay to call a boy, chhokri (girl), dikri (daughter), dhingli (I think it's a feminine doll)

Mum is not what a child calls his/her mother but it somehow refers to feeding/food and is often used as 'mum mum'. At what stage/age do kids call food, 'food' or 'khana' I am uncertain but in rural anganwadis they refer to midday meals as 'khichdi' at age three

A diaper could also be called a 'kothri' which usually means a plastic bag

The word used for potty is 'chhee' although you are required to 'potty-train' and not 'chhee-train' your kids

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