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Friday, May 4, 2018

New Mom Tales #10: Tips for those who want to meet new mothers and babies

Tips for those who want to meet new mothers and their babies:
1. Always call and ask the mother if it's okay to drop in for she may be breastfeeding or busy with a fussy baby or may be too tired to entertain you or might just want to spend some time alone with her sleeping baby
2. In case you can't make it, again please inform the mother
3. Do not touch, lift, pat a baby without asking the mother
4. Not all babies like to be cradled or swayed or thrown up in the air or fondled
5. Do not assume that a baby cries only because she is hungry
6. Like dogs, babies do have a sense of who or what they like so if the baby cries in your arms simply hand her back to the mother.
7. Abstain from voicing your judgments about the mother and baby unless asked for
8. Please do not pass the baby around to someone else without the mother's permission


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