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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

About the mishti in the mishti doi

There are three ways to make mishti doi:
1. Add a generous amount of nolen gur (date jaggery) to hung curd and steam it in a matka/cup to set
2. Caramelize sugar and add the caramel to hung curd and set it at room temperature. You may skip the steaming.
3. Add a tin or two of sweetened condensed milk to hung curd and steam.

What sets mishti doi apart from the regular doi is that it's sweet and has the colour of caramel. Gur makes it dark. Sugar makes it pinkish-brown. Condensed milk makes it creamish white. So when Pranav Patel of #DairyFresh asked me to check theirs out, I did. He warned me it isn't going to be as sweet as mishti doi usually is and he couldn't get nolen gur in #Vadodara in this season (it's only available in winter) so the sweetness of doi is a combination of regular gur (jaggery from sugarcane) and sugar. Yup, the Bengali in me is not happy about it. It's a sweet and sour dahi that isn't quite mishti but for the health freaks out there it's a decent choice of yoghurt.

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