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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Stop the Bullying

Remembering all those times you got bullied in life because you wore glasses, you were younger than everyone else in your class, you were shy, you were a nerd, you were a girl, you did not know a language, you could not adjust to a life in a new city as a teenager, your hair was different from everyone else's, you did not wear designer clothes, you made acquaintances not friends, your food was different from what everyone else ate, you had put on a little weight, you had lost a lot of weight, you never shouted at anyone, you cried in public, you couldn't physically fight off older, bigger boys or men, you spoke in an accent that was your own, you did not practice any religion, you got tongue-tied when boys asked you out on a date and then when people ask you why you're so tough, you just say, "There was no choice but to be tough."

#bullyingawareness #antibully #WorldMentalHealthDay2020

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