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Saturday, October 9, 2021

Mad & Moonly: Book 3 of The Goa Saga by Eisha now available on Amazon

In the third and final installment of The Goa Saga, Saysha discovers that she has inherited a $25 million trust fund and a 2% shareholding in Lebedinsky Mining Company. That empowers her to vote and decide the fate of the $780 million company. One man is out there to stop her, her mother's old classmate from Delhi and the largest shareholder in Lebedinsky Mining, Oleg Oblonsky. And only one man can fight Oleg, the twisted genius of her husband, Aeram. She teams up with him and goes to New York to vote in a critical board meeting that will decide the fate of their property and river in Goa.

Aeram's demons take over his mind and he forcibly kisses Saysha in a park and tells her to remain his wife. Repulsed by his insanity, he then talks of ending his acting career and also his life. James tells Saysha that he cannot leave his brother ever and should she consider marriage to him, she will have to also live with her ex-husband under the same roof. Saysha has the difficult choice of whether she should marry a courageous man like James but remain second on his list of priorities after his brother or should she find a cause of her own and devote her lifetime and funds to it?

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Ruhi said...

Done - This trilogy of the Goa Saga - Shadow & Soul, Gone Goa Gone and Mad & Mooney is a gripping story of three individuals - each of them with a depth to their character that is fascinating. Eisha does a brilliant job of layering the complexity of relationships with the simplicity of emotions. And of course the unexpected twists and turns make you keep reading till the end. Highly recommend.

Innate Explorer said...

Thank you!