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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Australiana #21: The Storm's Coming

On November 27, Brisbane was hit by a cyclone, the worst in 30 years causing as estimated damage of A$ 200 million. We had no power for 24 hours and the city was littered with fallen trees and broken roofs. I wrote this poem:

The Storm's Coming

From my balcony
I capture a picture,
gold and red,
the shades of sunset.

I bask in the fading light
as day turns to night.
I watch the horizon,
the lamps' incandescence.

On the east I see,
a black haze
smoke, dust
or clouds maybe.

Like an invading army,
their pace quickens,
the sun disappears
darkness descends.

Then comes the wind
speeding and howling,
sends out a warning:
The storm's coming.

The gusts, the rain,
I watch curiously
till a ball of ice
falls by my side.

Nature smiles
a knowing smile,
a crooked smile,
a devious smile.

She pelts me with hail,
breaks the glass;
a deafening noise
I cower, I shudder.

The storm's come,
the trees have fallen,
the roofs have blown,
the cables broken.

In the darkness,
the damp and heat
I sit and wait,
hold my breath.

The storm blows over,
a city destroyed.
How many more
will Nature conquer?

TV crews and reporters,
bloggers and scribes,
broken homes and spirits,
they describe.

As night turns to day,
a male bowerbird
surveys the damage,
Nature's rampage.

In his tiny beak
he carries with care
a glass, a brush,
a straw, a screw.

He builds his bower
with care and precision,
hopes a mate will come
and make a decision.

I find the bird's bower,
the glass, the brush,
the straw, the screw,
a picture, pretty and new.

- Eisha

Brisbane-based artist Jane James has spent two years researching bowerbirds in Australia and Papua New Guinea and come up with a series of awe-inspiring artworks. Check out her works on


Sujata said...

Very well written, my dear!

Gabriella said...

I love it, it's beautiful!

Manisha said...

This is so good! Conveys the changing moods very effectively