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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Tonsured, troubled,
tormented, tethered,
barred, battered,
a spirit's encaged. 

A shadow dances,
a dance of devotion,
a dance of seduction,
a dance of salvation. 

The spirit half-rises,
with unblinking eyes,
as hope ignites
a curious mind.

The shadow shuffles,
jumps and slithers;
the spirit crouches,
shudders and shivers.

The tempo quickens,
the spirit sways,
steps in to dance,
steps in to play.

Circles, reverses
shuffles, swings,
actions, reflexes,
many beginnings.

The spirit's dance,
a dance of duty,
a dance of subjugation,
a dance of damnation.

The shadow smiles,
holds out his hand.
The spirit takes it,
moves in closer.

Twirls, turns,
twists, trots.
The spirit's woes
are all forgotten.

Catch the beat,
steps 1,2 and 3!
A dance of joy,
a dance of freedom.

The spirit soars
Like never before.
The shadow watches, 
then slides away.

The music stops,
the spirit looks around,
where there was shadow,
now there is doubt.

Treason triumphs,
trust teeters,
the spirit's broken,
its hope shattered.

- Eisha

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