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Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Rendezvous

I asked my friends on Facebook to come up with some words I could use in my poems. The words I got were: vision, hammer, eyes, weird, nincompoop, rancid, acid, insomnia, betrayal, wisdom, wealth, spirit, orchids, interstellar, rendezvous, pristine, metamorphosis, cocoon, computer, song, grace, colours, free will, ghostly, DNA, code, gene, selfish and galaxy.

Here's the poem I came up with using some of these:

A Rendezvous

In a cosy cocoon,
my sleeping bag,
I lie watching,
a cloudless sky.

A galaxy of stars,
Some shooting stars,
So many motions,
interstellar relations.

In my mind,
appears a vision,
a man in white,
a kind spirit.

A garden of orchids,
of many colours,
pristine and serene.
A computer's wallpaper?

I watch him move,
light on his feet,
his smile widens,
his eyes twinkle.

Under a tree,
is a ragged boy,
of weird manners,
a nincompoop!

A small hammer,
in his one hand,
rancid meat,
holds the other.

"Who are you?"
The kind man asks.
The boy looks up,
his mouth quivers.

He talks of pain,
the selfish others,
their acid comments,
his ghostly memories.

"I wasn't born like 
this. It isn't my DNA.
Why then must they
behave this way?"

"Let it go, son!
Forget and
forgive is all,
I have to say."

A warm hand
on the boy's head,
a teardrop runs
down his cheek.

The rendezvous ends,
the vision disappears,
My insomnia wavers,
My mind finally rests.


Shreyasi said...

Excellent work eish!

Neha said...

Eisha Sarkar thats awesome ! In such short time ! You know your way with words !

Atul said...

Superb!!! Kudos

Vineetha said...

wow! thats awesome

Dola said...


Sujata said...

Impressive! Keep it up!

Shruti said...

Great work Eisha ... Absolutely brilliant...

Anonymous said...

Lovely.... !!!!

Nifty said...

Simply superb......!!!Keep it going.....

Anuradha said...

Good one Esha.

Minakshi said...


Harsha said...

I love it.

Heli said...

Words woven beautifully