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Monday, March 2, 2015

I could get used to you

I could talk with you,
My voice, your ears.
I could write you a story,
My words, your wisdom.
I could dance with you,
My grace, your strength.
I could sing you a song,
My lyrics, your tune.
I could shop with you,
My choice, your wealth.
I could wait for you,
My irritation, your patience.
I could fight with you,
My attack, your defence.
I could paint you a picture,
My colours, your vision.
I could laugh with you,
My jokes, your dimples.
I could get used to you,
And it's not a nice thing.


Sujata said...

Wonderfully expressed

Pia said...

Wonderful! Wonderful.

Vishwas said...


Heli said...

Loved the words !!! Super ...

Kartik said...

Awesome ..........Eisha .....