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Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Goalie's Dilemma!

A sea of blue,
A swathe of white,
The field is set,
I stay by the net.

Chants and cheers,
Jibes and sneers,
Attackers, defenders,
Referees, scorers.

My gloved hands,
My throbbing veins,
I feel the tension,
A nation waits.

Even scores, one-all,
The referees called out,
“Let the ball roll.
A penalty shoot-out!”

The man in blue,
Takes his time,
Judges my position,
My discomfiture.

This game of soccer,
A game of reactions,
A game of emotions,
A game of passions.

My eyes widen,
Try to focus,
A nation watches,
A moment stops.

I watch the ball,
It's hard to judge,
Left or right,
I have to decide.

I lunge in the air,
My arm stretched,
My head tilts,
The fans gasp.

Rubber meets rubber,
A thump, a thud,
The ball disappears,
The crowd explodes.

My mouth opens,
Relieved, I shout,
A goal I've saved,
My pride salvaged!

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