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Monday, April 20, 2015

Chalk and cheese

Asks the man after a bottle of wine,
"Define, 'as different as chalk 'n' cheese'."
Perplexed, I dodge,  "One I love. One I don't."
He responds with a picture:
A bird and a dog, and how they bond.
A bird and a dog, and how they love!
So complete, an enigma of sorts.
"Write a poem," the man tells me,
"A bird and a dog, how different they can be!"
"A bird and a dog, and how they shall be."
My mind fills with myriad images,
An oscillation of thoughts,
A recollection of visages.
My mind fills with faces of people,
Of many races, of many places,
As different as chalk and cheese!
My mind fills with loud noises,
Of chaos and commotion,
Of problems for all, 'Gondogol!"
My mind fills with many voices:
"Fights for one, fights for all!"

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