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Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Tiny Shop

My friends suggested the words: Matryoshka, blue, depravity, gallivanting, power and discombobulate for my next poem. Here it goes:

The Tiny Shop

Through a huge window,

of St. Gobain glass,

I see a Matryoshka,

with a blue babushka.

A tiny shop,

A puny manager,

Few visitors,

Fewer customers.

Hundreds of toys:

pretty dolls,

racing cars,

gallivanting horses.

“O, what a place,

this used to be!”

The puny manager

softly tells me.

“The power of stories!

The vibes of players!

The drama of colours!

The vision of the owner!”

“Then came the mall,

down this very road.

Like the big bad wolf,

it took us all down!”





“The baseness of greed,

The depravity of culture,

A legacy's lost,

A generation's, unnurtured.”

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