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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A true selfie

My last art class in Australia and this is a self-portrait I made that best describes me: The map on the forehead represents my curiosity about places and people far and wide, the silhouette on the nose describes my love for solitude and my own company, the lips put together by a collage of bricks is a wall I have around me that people (even loved ones) find difficult to penetrate though the big mouth breaking into a smile is deceptively inviting, the book represents my twin passions for writing and education, the hearts (broken, deformed and perfect) symbolise my romantic and intense nature, the kids represent my work with children in India and Australia, the birds talk of my interest in ornithology and conservation, the crowd represents the people of different races and cultures I meet and work with, the blue bits showcase my love for water and swimming and the hair describes the vibrancy of my artwork.

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