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Friday, August 21, 2015


Once again my friends threw me words such as chess, fetch, wind, gumboots, chromatic, Friday, indelible, messiah and departure for a new poem. This is how it goes:


Warns the white pawn
“I'm coming for you.”
The black pawn cowers
A rook and a pawn
“Where shall I go now?
If I stay here, I die
If I move, I'll be gone.”
And so he falls,
a soldier lost
Without a fight,
A soldier dies.
White triumphs
Black's vanquished.
This game of chess:
Of small victories
And many defeats,
Of focus, concentration,
Endless conversation,
Of Friday evenings.
The silent wind
The light showers
A pair of gumboots
An umbrella to fetch.
This checkered life:
Of indelible histories
Of many saviours
messiahs, mysteries
Of unannounced arrivals
And early departures
Of narrow minds,
their chromatic perceptions.
This game of life
Like the game of chess
Squared and complex
A matter of survival.

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