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Monday, March 13, 2017

Holi Flashback

Ten years ago, I travelled from Mumbai to Vadodara with my then boyfriend to meet his family. Since Rachit Mankad had just returned to India after 10 months in the US and was going to be leaving for Singapore for his MBA after a few months, my mother insisted that I should come to a decision/commitment about our future. "Since you want to marry him, go and see how they live." It's rare for a girl in the subcontinent to go alone to check out her prospective husband's family. But I did. As scared as I was of them rejecting me outright, my bigger fear was that I might stop loving him if I didn't like the family much. To my surprise it was his grandmother (Ba) who decided to put gulal on me first. My fate was sealed 😀 and my fears disappeared.

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