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Saturday, January 23, 2021

The Toddler And The Pup

1. Toddler gets onto all fours and crawls in club lobby
2. One-month-old puppy sees toddler crawling towards her. Mimics toddler's movement
3. They come face to face
4. Suddenly, toddler swirls around and starts crawling in the other direction
5. Puppy gives chase
6. Toddler freaks
7. I come in between them. Puppy sniffs at my feet. I pass the sniff threat test
8. Toddler runs. Puppy and I chase him
9. Puppy pees under my chair. I request the steward to clean it
10. Toddler freaks and so I pick him up
11. Puppy tugs at my shoelaces and chews them. Toddler laughs hysterically

#toddlermomlife #dogsandtoddlers

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