Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3 Workplace Wellness Tips

Eisha Sarkar
Posted on Hello Wellness on Feb 1 2011 10:38AM

Coffee cups, computers, cigarette corners and colleagues (not necessarily in that order) characterise a workplace today. People fall sick more often at work than at home. It may be hard to think of health when you have demanding bosses and impossible deadlines but it's important. Here are three workplace wellness tips for you:

Go, take a walk: Quit Facebooking and move those muscles. If joining the office gym is not the option for you, take a walk whenever you can. Go outside, but not for a smoke-break. Breathe deeply. Stretch your arms, back and legs before you sit in front of the computer again.  Take a break from the keyboard and the screen every 10-15 minutes so that your fingers and eyes get some rest.

Watch what you drink and eat: Coffee breaks mean conversation but they also mean caffeine which is not good for your body. Opt for water, instead. Water can help fight the afternoon 'lull' and boost the immune system. Also, you must stop snacking every now and then. Stress makes you eat more and you unknowingly pile on the pounds. If you have to snack, opt for nuts and carrot sticks instead of chips and chocolates.

Talk: Most issues at work can be resolved through communication. Unresolved issues cause stress that can lead to headaches, ulcers, diseases and strokes. Whip up some support from your co-workers so that you can talk to your employers openly about your problems. Don’t overwork yourself and balance your personal and professional commitments. Be optimistic and you'll be fine.

Eating healthy, staying focused on your goals, and taking 20-minute power naps when you’re really tired to refresh your energy will help you sail through meetings, projects, training and activities at work.

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