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Get the Terminator body!

Eisha Sarkar 

Posted on Hello Wellness on Mar 28 2011 1:18PM

Think 'muscle' and you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger's 22-inch arms and 57-inch chest. The world’ most famous bodybuilder, Arnold won the Mr Universe title at 20 and then went on to win the Mr Olympia contest seven times from 1969-75. The 'Austrian Oak' has inspired generations of wannabe bodybuilders. If you want a body like Arnold’s, you need to work really hard for it. 

Work each muscle out
Arnold belonged to the old no-pain-no-gain school of bodybuilding. His routines consisted of high sets and reps, mostly not to failure. He trained each muscle group thrice a week (except calves, forearms and abs which he trained everyday), using a six-day split routine. He took very little rest between sets, and usually increased weight each and every set. He experimented with high reps at times but usually kept a rep range of about 6 to 10.

Keep changing your routine
Arnold kept mixing things up to challenge his endurance and be motivated. Sometimes, he trained twice a day, while at other times once a day was enough. There were periods when he did lots supersets and giant sets. He tried everything, and picked what worked best for him.

What should you eat?
‘The Terminator’ recommends eating five to six meals a day. Eat carbohydrates half an hour after exercising and have 30 to 50 grams of protein with each meal every three hours. Add unsaturated fats to your diet because they raise hormone levels. Take 60 to 100 grams of carbohydrates and no more than three eggs a day. Substitute the red meat with chicken and fish. Avoid sugar because it contains empty calories. Have fruits and vegetables instead. Arnold recommends the use of supplements and protein shakes. Consult a nutritionist to find out what supplements are good for your body type. Arnold admitted to using performance-enhancing anabolic steroids while they were legal “for muscle maintenance”.  Steroids are now on the list of Controlled Substances in many countries because they may cause harmful side-effects. Arnold also recommends that bodybuilders sleep for a minimum of eight hours.

Arnold’s philosophy is: "The secret is to make our mind work for you - not against you." Work hard to achieve what you desire most.

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