Sunday, December 4, 2011

The little things that make me smile...

  •  The sight of dew on a green leaf
  • The sight of my husband
  • A paycheck, no matter how small is the amount that it mentions
  • Watching mom clap as she discovers something new on Facebook
  • A new shoot sprouting from a seed
  • A dog
  • Chocolate
  • A romantic film with very gorgeous actors
  • Granny's wrinkles when she smiles
  • Turning into her walking-stick
  •  The smell of Kebabs
  • A drive to nowhere
  • Spotting a new bird/animal
  • The sight of a water body
  • Watching someone else smile
  • Writing
  • Gossipping with a friend on GTalk 
  • Looking at old pictures
  • A walk on the riverfront/seafront
  • Sunset
  • A new dance step
  • Music
  • Memory
  • Acquiring a book I've been waiting to read for long
  • A task well done and well-appreciated
  • Learning a secret
  • Feeling the wind through my hair

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