Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A-Z for Gujarat

In Gujarat,

A is for America, the land of all hopefuls. Kevi Rite Jaish? (How do I get there?)
B is for Bandhini, the tie-and-dye fabric
C is for CA (Chartered Accountant), those who've tried, those who've failed and those who are
D is for Diamond, everybody's best friend
E is for English and how it is butchered!
F is for Finance with a capital 'F'
G is for Gujarati, the language of the people
H is for "Haindo", the crass way of saying, "Move it!"
I is for Ice-cream, Gujarat's favourite dessert
J is for Jamnagar or Junagadh or jamphal (guava). Whatever!
K is for "Kemchho", the conversation-starter
L is for Lions, the proud residents of Gir
M is for "Majama" (doing good), the expected response to a "Kemchho"
N is for Navratri, the nine-day festival of garba and raas (dandiya)
O is for Old, the lovable grannies who spin good tales
P is for Parsis, who first came here when they fled Iran all those years ago
Q is for Quasi, a word little known here
R is for Relatives, many who you'll never meet again, some, you can only hope to never meet again
S is for Swaminarayan and their grand pink temples
T is for Tarak Mehta, the most popular TV show here
U is for Uttarayan, the spectacular kite flying festival
V is for Vadodara, the "Cultured City"
W is for Wrong Side, for which you break all the traffic rules
X is "Axe", one of the tons of mispronounced letters/words you will come across here
Y is for Youth festivals, which are full of activities and surprises  
Z is for ZZZZ, the sleep you get after dancing through the night at a Gujju wedding


Anonymous said...

I like the originality in thought!
Not very familiar with Gujarat but really like the concept of A-Z of something.

Ramesh Narendrarai Desai said...

So this is how gujarat smells, looks and sounds to an observant newcomer !

John Positive said...

i like you, innate explorer. i've watched you for a few years now. thank you for your consistency. i fell in love with vipassana in india, and spent a majority of my time in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, and Mandvi.
- a Gujarati fan