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Sunday, May 25, 2008

No spit!

While the BMC has gone all out painting the town green with its clean-up campaign stickers that announce that offenders will have to pay Rs 200 for littering and Rs 100 for spitting, little has been done to reduce blotches of the paan stains on roads, buildings, corridors and...wherever! But it came as a surprise to me when a biker finally stood up for his rights, after he was spit on. Actually, he did much more than that. He parked his bike in front of the BEST bus. Then he got onto the bus and demanded, "Who spat out? Kisne thooka hai? Koi batata kyon nahin?" The suspects in the backseats tried to gulp down their gutka/chewing gum/whatever they were chewing, but they were a little slow. The biker looked at them and frowned. He waved his helmet at them and said, "Aap logon ne?" The suspects shuffled in their seats and simply shook their heads. This angered the biker even more. But what could he do? He simply stomped off and got off the bus. He furiously pointed at the spit globule that rested on his bike's break (yuck!) and moved his bike aside. The BEST driver smirked and started the bus.


Unknown said...

what? no random acts of violence? what are we coming to?

Unknown said...

you were on that bus?