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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Books for grabs

I want to donate these books to a library or whoever wants to have them. If you know of any such place/person, please get in touch with me. The key word here is donate - hence, free.
  1. The Road Less Travelled by M Scott Peck
  2. Hardy Boys Track of the Zombie 
  3. Don't Drink Your Milk by Frank A Oski
  4. The Famous Five Have a Wonderful Time by Enid Blyton
  5. Reader's Digest More tests and teasers
  6. The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin
  7. Tom Tackles the Chalet School by Elinor M Brent-Dyer
  8. Mahashweta by Sudha Murty
  9. Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul
  10. All You Wanted to Know About Vastushastra by Vijaya Kumar
  11. Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
  12. The 3 Mistakes of My Life by Chetan Bhagat
  13. The Naked Face by Sidney Sheldon
  14. Hardy Boys - The Billion Dollar Ranson
  15. Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger
  16. The Joy of Laziness by Peter Axt and Michaela Axt-Gadermann
  17. Bridget Jones' Diary by Helen Fielding
  18. Eat Right 4 Blood Type O by Dr Peter J Adamo
  19. Nancy Drew The Mystery of the Missing Mascot by Carolyn Keene
  20. Ancient Healing Secrets by Dian Dincin Buchman
  21. Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse
  22. Second Form at St Clare's by Enid Blyton
  23. 2012 End of the World by Bejan Daruwalla
  24. A geography of time by Robert Levine
  25. Skinny Bitch Bun in the Oven - A gutsy guide to becoming one hot and healthy mother by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin
  26. How Opal Mehta Got Kissed Got Wild and Got a Life by Kaavya Viswanathan
  27. Regarding the Pain of Others by Susan Sontag
  28. Mind Power by Reader's Digest
  29. Empire of the Moghul - Raiders from the North by Alex Rutherford
  30. Empire of the Moghul - Ruler of the World by Alex Rutherford
  31. Positioning - The Battle for Your Mind by Al Ries and Jack Trout
  32. It Happened in India by Kishore Biyani
  33. Healing Happens by Carol Ritberger
  34. Last Rites by Kaushik K Ghosh
  35. Cancer Ward by Alexander Solzhenitsyn
  36. E = mc2 by David Bodanis
  37. Roget's Pocket Thesaurus
  38. Raja Vidya The King of Knowledge by Parbhupada
  39. Better Eyesight without glasses by W H Bates
  40. Omerta by Mario Puzo
  41. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki
  42. The Secret Benefits of Juice Therapy by Vijaya Kumar
  43. Can Moms Take a Chill Pill?
  44. Devil in Pinstripes by Ravi Subramanian
  45. Tinkle Digest No. 8
  46. Jupiter's Travels by Ted Simon
  47. Guns, germs and steel by Jared Diamond
  48. The Extras by Kiran Nagarkar
  49. The Emperor of All Maladies - A biography of cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee
  50. Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson 
  51. The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  52. English August by Upmanyu Chatterjee
  53. Empire of the Moghul - Brothers at War by Alex Rutherford
  54. Eye of the Needle by Ken Follett
  55. Aftertaste by Namita Devidayal
  56. Stop Pain by Vijay Vad

1 comment:

Unknown said...

hi, how and from where can i grab these :)...i can forward them to a school/community libraray!