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Tuesday, September 29, 2015



Poem by Eisha Sarkar

The high walls
The lush greens
A white palace
Built in 1883.

Nawabs and Begums
Those tales of the yore
Framed and preserved
Garden Palace, Balasinor.

A mounted leopard
Louis XIV chairs
Gold threads
Antique brasswares.

Collections, collectibles
Crystals, curios
Cutlery, cupboards
Cut-glass, candle-bras.

A diner’s delight
A Begum’s talent
A hearty meal:
Seekh and mutton.

The four-poster bed
Beckons me to rest
The AC’s cool air
Puts summer to test.

Then comes Aliya
The Princess Babi
Of Afghan heritage
And knowledge a-plenty.

In her hand
She holds an egg
No ordinary one
A dinosaur’s egg!

I watch her hold
Time in her hands
The Jurassic past
In stone and sand.

Starlings in the sky
As  gold turns red
The hourglass turns
I whisper, “Goodbye!”

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