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Sunday, September 6, 2015


There once was a king

Benevolent and caring

Mighty and brave

So must he be praised.

The words of courtiers,

Well-wishers, soothsayers

Fell on the king's ears

Turned pride into vanity.

So the Lord came to see

In the form of a dwarf

Asked the king for a gift

Just three paces of land.

Laughed the king in court

"Is that all thee wants?"

He granted the dwarf's wish;

Praises on the courtiers' lips.

The dwarf started growing

Became the Mighty Lord

A step from heaven to earth

Another to netherworld.

"Oh, where dear king

shall I step for the third?"

The mighty king bowed

"Put it on my vain head."

Such a ruler's humility!

Said the Great Lord,

"With this third step I take,

I grant thee immortality."

And so we remember

On the day of harvests

In God's own country

This story of King Mahabali.

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