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Monday, September 14, 2015


Men, of valour and victory

Men, of colour and white

Men, of freedom and slavery

Men, creative and bright.

Men, of hair and stubble

Men, of back-slaps, huddles

Men, of withheld tears

Men, of suppressed fears.

Men, of want and greed

Men, of compassion and deeds

Men, old and young

Men, merry and drunk.

Men, meticulously precise

Men, intelligent and wise

Men, of brotherhood and bands

Men, of shyness and reserve.

Men, of callused old hands

Men, breadwinners in pants

Men, of silence and monks

Men, of love and songs.

Men, of praise and prayer

Men, supporters and slayers

Men, of war and peace

Men, of judgment and justice.

Men, friends and foes

Men, lives of woes

Men, uneasy minds

Men, rarely of a kind.

Men, of drive and ambition

Men, fathers of nations

Men, of beauty and perfection

Men, of skills and innovation.

Men, of honour and worth

Men, of blood and sword

Men, of sex and semen

Men, of many relations.

Men, of words and wisdom

Men, of marriage, for women

Men, Nature nurtured

Men, these men. Ah Men!

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