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Saturday, March 12, 2016


I had asked Muhammad Qasem Jami to throw me a word and he threw me these: kebab, wine, horse, swimming and beach (the five things we talk about often). Interestingly, their mention took me back to Australia, a place very close to my heart. Qasem, this poem's for you:


A couple of hands
A round table
A white beach 
The Coral Sea.
Glasses of wine
The finest Shiraz
A juicy platter
Of Turkish kebabs.
The fingers sketch
A horse's head
A fine steed:
An Afghan breed.
I watch the waves
The kids screaming
The surfers surfing
People swimming.
The wind blows
My thoughts wander
My mind travels
A place somewhere.
Snowy peaks
Rugged crags
Pristine rivers
Many orchards.
A land of poetry,
history and culture
Of colour and vigour
Of beauty unknown.
I draw a breath
Look at the sketch
On the horseback:
A rider I've known.

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