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Monday, December 7, 2020

Egg Story

Here's an egg story that cracks my mom Sujata K. Sarkar and me up even today:
Circa 1999, in FYJC, I did not know how to cook. With both parents working and the elder brother hopping classes for his twelve standard board preps, Mom had recruited Indubai to do the cooking. Her expertise was limited to cooking doodhi in two ways, cauliflower, bhindi, tendli and cabbage. Usually, I would eat a meal of roti-sabzi before going to Jai Hind College at Churchgate for my classes that would start from 12.30pm and go on until 5pm. Most of you know that sabzi doesn't really appeal to my palate, especially if they're cooked with masala into a mush. That one day, I tried to cook an egg. I put the whole egg in the month-old microwave and set it for one minute. There was a blast. The next ten minutes I spent cleaning up the mess. I was too shaken to eat anything. Mom had to know what went wrong. So I wrote on three Post-its:
1. Tried to cook egg
2. Was a blast
3. Cleaned up the mess

#memories #memoriesforlife

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