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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Know Your Abuser (from a Facebook share)

Know your abuser and pay close attention to the signs.
These are the more subtle signs which we sometimes overlook.......

✅ Know that your gut feeling might be saying that it is abuse. 
✅ Know that your abuser might be labelling your gut feeling as over sensitivity, fragility or immaturity.
✅ Know that your abuser may have the best way with words and be very likeable.
✅ Know that your abuser will encourage you and others to be constantly doubtful about the perception of abuse.
✅ Know that your abuser may be powerful and responsible in their professional lives and may let that filter very subtly into your personal domain in a discreetly manipulative way.
✅ Know that your abuser may take pleasure in making you wait for something that you value or believe in and might give you the false perception that they value it as well - over and over. 
✅ Know that your abuser may share deep personal stories to manipulate your empathy and increase your sense of guilt for abandoning them.
✅ Know that your abuser may have narcissistic or sociopathic traits that give them a sense of superiority or extreme confidence.
✅ Know that your abuser never admits or accepts responsibility and avoids the hard conversations.
✅ Know that your abuser may use manipulative ways of communication to ensure that they are always in control of how much access you are given.
✅ Know that your gut has been accurate and has the final say and do your best to acknowledge that emotional abuse is real and sometimes difficult to detect. 
✅ Know that this form of abuse is non-violent in appearance but exceedingly destructive as a form of power and dominance at the hands of your abuser.
✅ Know that when your abuser finally realizes that you NO longer play into their lure, they infuse dismissive accusatory language into subtle messages to hurt your feelings.
✅ Know many times, that said abuser is weak and lacks esteem and uses these actions to achieve more assurance of their own value.
✅Stay alert for the signs.

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